Time to tell those pesky background distractions to buzz off!

We’ve all been there – you take the perfect photo, marvel in its glory – only to find a boozed up wedding guest, a photobombing child, or an uninvited fire extinguisher in the background ruining everything. Not any more! The Be Gone team can remove unwanted distractions or even introduce wanted distractions (Forgot to get a photo with Mum? No problem!).

What is Be Gone?

We are photoshop wizards – our speciality is wedding photography as we are wedding photographers.

We know how mental weddings can be (in a good way!) and we also know how frustrating it can be when you get to your last edit and start noticing things like bright green fire exit signs, people blinking in formal photos, a bin in every shot (That bin definitely wasn’t there during the day!). The last thing you want to do after a long edit is fix these things – thats where we come in, friends, we’re here to help!

How does it work?

Drop us an email via the contact page – please include the photo you need edited along with a description of the end result you’re looking for.

It also helps if we can get access to galleries so we can pick other shots that will help us – but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

How much does it cost?

This is purely job dependant – Simple jobs start at £10 with more time consuming costing around £30.

We can also do batch editing (red skin, dirt on someone dress, bare patch of grass etc.) at a reduced rate as usually we can re-create the same editing for each one.

The Be Gone team.

We are Gary & Corinne – a 2 person, 2 cat operation based in Glasgow. We undertake almost any type of photoshop editing and retouching though we specialize in Weddings.


Take a look at what our previous customers have said about us

I’ve been going to Be Gone for all my editing needs for a while now and each time I am blown away by the witch craft they perform. Absolute perfectionists!

Neil Thomas Douglas


I like to think of Be Gone as a wee wizard who is there at the perfect time, pops up and magically sorts out all my tricky edits. Next thing I know, the picture is perfect and my work load is eased massively. Their speedy turnaround and friendly emails make me feel like I've actually got some pals and they are a huge asset to my business. Highly recommended!

Ross Alexander Muir